Harmonize your body, mind, emotions, and soul when the energies are flowing in a positive direction as the moves of the group flows in one direction. Everyone motivates themselves by observing the movement of companions and pushing themselves to their own edge. A group session helps every individual to hold the pose for a longer time.

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Motivate, Involve and Evolve yourself by joining group yoga Sessions

A variety of yoga sessions are designed to meet the needs of different ages and levels of practitioners. These sessions are well guided by trained and experienced instructors. We conduct these classes at different locations and online as well.


In a group yoga session the energy moves in one direction as many movements in the same direction. This flow of energy enhances your involvement with the flow.


Group sessions always inspire the yogis to be more consistent with yoga. It becomes a habit to unroll the mat with other companions

Learning from each other

Group yoga is a wonderful way to learn by observing the fellows doing the pose. Participants generally discuss the success or development in a particular pose or how to overcome the weakness in another particular pose.


In a group you meet repeatedly with some people and a sense of friendliness develops among the group. In this way group yoga helps to socialise as well

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