Yoga Bliss by Vedanta Wellness, UK

All are welcome to the Vedanta Wellness yoga classes to harmonise your body, mind, emotions and soul. Synchronised and easy-going atmosphere for beginner, intermediate and advanced level practitioners.

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Special care must be taken for the beginners, children and senior citizens. Accordingly, we have designed various types of group yoga sessions considering the requirements of these differing age groups, levels of practice, practice preferences and other specific requirements. All these sessions are based on traditional Indian ‘Yog’.

Beginner’s Yoga

Be prepared to touch your toes.

Group Yoga Session

A variety of Yoga sessions designed to meet the needs of different ages and levels.

Private Yoga session

Yoga specific to your needs and limitations. Private family sessions also available.

Institutional and Corporate session

Special Yoga sessions for employees of institutions and corporate staff.

Wellness Consultation

Consultation on holistic health benefits of Yoga, Pranayama (Breathing), Meditation, Yogic and Ayurvedic diet.


Explore more at our specially organized events and workshops.


Yoga for everyone

There are many reasons why you may be unable to reach the city centre or public studios for yoga classes. For those who struggle to attend, we also provide private yoga sessions at your home or location of choice, according to a time that suits you and your specific Yoga needs and goals.

Benefits of yoga

Yoga – not only physical but a holistic approach because a healthy body can only be with a healthy mind and vice versa. Balanced breathing is the essence of the asanas (poses).

Yoga is a contented way of living and contentment is one of the most important factors for happiness. Intellectualism says peace of mind is the ultimate goal of life whereas in Yoga, peace of mind is the primal need to start with and is the fundamental right of every individual.


Vedanta Wellness TESTIMONIALS

My daughter and I have been attending Vedantawellness Yoga sessions since September 2020. It was the first time I’ve ever participated in a yoga class. As a mature person I was a little worried before I started but I found the class friendly and not intimidating. The tutor is very professional and good at explaining each movement. He explains the benefit of the different positions as well as encouraging you to progress forward. The breathing exercises are extremely relaxing and beneficial . I feel more confident in my body as I become more flexible.
Andrea O’Sullivan
I really enjoy these classes. It’s lovely authentic yoga. The instructors really take the time to explain every move and show me how to do them. I would highly recommend.
I have found classes with Vedanta Wellness to be thoroughly engrossing, physically and mentally. I have done yoga before but have had a long break and these sessions have enabled me to reconnect with my practice in a personally appropriate way. The sesions and have helped me to develop mental and physical strength and flexibility. They have been a blessing in difficult times and a touchstone for me to reconnect with myself during my busy week. Classes build through the week but also stand alone so you can do as much as you can manage.
Elsa Lee

Join a journey to health and harmony

We offer free trials and are happy to advise on what style of yoga might suit your needs. Ask for a free trial/consultation now!