Private Yoga Sessions

Evolve & Develop in your yoga journey through one on one yoga sessions.

Yoga sessions customised to individual's needs

In private yoga sessions individuals are given precise and complete attention depending upon the pace they want, their specific reasons for practice and their limitations. 

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Private yoga allows you to work on every dimension (Poses, Breathwork, Meditation, and Relaxation) at your own pace, your own physical and mental comfort, according to your schedule, and even some time in your own space

Helps to overcome personal limitations

Sometimes you have many personal issues that don’t allow you to take group classes. In private yoga, the class is for you and neither you nor anyone else envy each other. In these classes, you learn yoga with complete awareness about yourself.

Tailor-made classes for specific areas

The instructor is able to design the class according to your needs session to session and according to the progress you made. For example tight hip and shoulders.

Precision and Alignment

In private yoga the instructor's full involvement is with you and she/he is able to get the poses corrected even minutely with precision and alignment

Meeting the specific goal

Everyone could have different goals for joining yoga and sometimes it’s very difficult to achieve your goal in a group class but you can achieve them quickly in one-to-one sessions

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